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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve got a hard copy of my leaflet but not an electronic copy, can you scan it and print from that?
A. Unfortunately not. If we were to scan your leaflet the quality would not be good enough for print purposes. We can recreate your leaflet for you but there would be a standard artwork charge and we’d need you to supply us with any pictures or logos. Fortunately our design prices are extremely reasonable and you wouldn’t have to pay the charge on any future reprints. See the design section for details.

Q. Can I pay by Cheque?
A. Yes, we accept cheque but please note that we are not able to begin design work or go to print until we have received your cheque. Alternatively you can give us a call and pay by debit or credit card or order directly through the site.

Q. How long will my job take to print?
A. Usually 4-7 full working days from the point of approval or from the day the order is placed if you’re supplying the artwork ready to print. The first working day is considered to be the day AFTER the job is approved or the order is placed as those days are not considered full working days.

Q. I need my job urgently, can I get it any quicker?
A. Yes. However, as we all know, time is money so there are express charges involved if you want your job quicker than the standard turnaround.

Q. Will the printed colours look the same as on my screen?
A. No!... There are two reasons for this. Firstly, your computer screen displays colours by mixing red green and blue lights to create the colours that you can see. Comercial printing creates colours by printing cyan, magenta, yellow and black. We ask people to supply CMYK files because this is what we print from. PLEASE NOTE: There are some colours that you can see on screen that it is impossible to re-create when printing, such as lime green, vivid blue and orange. Secondly - we don't know what your screen looks like. For example when you go into an electrical shop and see a wall of televisions. You will notice that the colours vary from screen to screen. Even though we use state of the art equipment, this is not an issue perculiar to JHP Printing, this is an issue that any commercial lithographic printer will face.

If having the EXACT colours is important to you, please do NOT order from us.